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Be Green

The importance of Be Green

At Be Charter Ibiza, we want to take care of our Island. That is why we want to offer our services based on a clean, well-kept and beautiful Ibiza, and above all promote sustainable and responsible charter.

We are aware of the impact that nautical activity has on the environment; For us, going sailing is not only a necessity due to the type of company we are, but it is also an incredible pleasure. Our entire team is made up of people very committed to the environment and sustainability.

That is why we want to contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the nautical charter sector. Both at the client and company level.

Here we mention some of the actions that we carry out, either in the day-to-day life of the charter, or in the maintenance and management of resources for the charter.

Woman picking up litter from the beach

Where to anchor?

A responsible anchoring practice is essential, since it has an impact on the marine ecosystem and it is our responsibility to make the best possible use of our vessels and carry out the best practices, minimizing our impact. environment and be able to continue enjoying our beautiful ocean.

Here in the Mediterranean it is very important to ensure that you never anchor on posidonia, an aquatic plant that is of fundamental importance in the marine ecosystem of the Pitiusas. Its functions are to protect the coastline from erosion and thus maintain the crystal clear waters that we love so much. The Posidonia meadows are a biodiversity reserve where a large number of animal and plant species live, therefore, anchorages must always be on sand and the anchor chain must never be dragged over the Posidonia.

Recyclable water can

On-board recycling

Another good practice at sea to be as respectful as possible is to use drinks with sustainable packaging and monitor the generation of waste.

We know that it is common during the charter to generate a large amount of waste, so it is important to have a container to store all the garbage and then throw it into the selective collection containers found in the ports. We use different containers or bags to make it easier later. On all our boats we also provide the ashtray so that no cigarette butts end up in the sea.

A different way to prevent the generation of marine litter is to avoid the consumption of single-use plastics and always opt for biodegradable or reusable products. We try to offer drinks that use plastic-free packaging and are more sustainable.

In the case of water, we offer in our charters Water NEA free of plastic, with the mission to protect our ocean.

How does Be Charter Ibiza contribute?

For boat maintenance, we use The Eco Alternative: ecological products that are more respectful of the environment and non-polluting.

Any initiative always helps, so every Sunday we try to visit a beach or place on the island to clean. We encourage everyone to go somewhere close to their home or just while out for a walk to pick up any dirt they find. Every action, no matter how small, always adds up.

Do you dare?

"The final idea is not to clean up, but to take responsibility for not littering wherever we go and to take care of our planet."
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