Where to eat great lobster in Ibiza – Be Charter Ibiza Top 5

When it comes to splashing out on Lobster you owe it to yourself to be picky. Follow this guide to find out where we think the top 5 places are to eat lobster in Ibiza whether you want a whole one all to yourself or a decadent lobster paella or caldereta. It is, without doubt the Queen of Ibizan seafood and is appropriately coveted in the markets and restaurants all over the island.

La Escollera

Sitting on the terrace with the sand between your toes, looking out at the crystal clear sea ahead of you is about as good as life gets. If you still feel life needs improving then order the Paella de Bogavante at La Escollera on Es Cavallet beach. This particular paella has been wowing locals and those “in the know” for over 20 years – thanks to Yaya’s (Catalan for Granny) imparted secrets and knowledge.

Plump saffron-infused rice is studded with the finest mussels and the juiciest, most luscious lobster, prawns and crayfish. Consquently these perfectly balanced flavours crafted from top-quality local ingredients create a unique and totally pleasurable dish that is a true delight to the senses.



Located inside the beautiful Ses Salines Natural Park, Guarana restaurant offers a pleasant day surrounded by nature at the top end of Las Salinas beach. Offering a varied selection of delicious Mediterranean dishes you might be surprised to see Bogavante Frito on the menu … served with a “broken” egg and potatoes. It’s certainly not the most obvious way to serve lobster but be rest assured it is delicious non-the-less. And if the idea of eating lobster with “egg and chips” doesn’t sit so well you can still enjoy it in a magnificent paella.


Es Torrent

You’ll find it hard to beat a better selection of fresh fish dishes anywhere else on Ibiza island and the lobster at EsTorrents is no exception. At Es Torrent no other crustacean is more highly valued than the red Palinurus Elephas lobster that breeds along the Ibizan coast. Es Torrent prepare their lobsters in different ways to ensure that the succulent flesh and unique flavours are enjoyed at their best. Stewed, flambéed, grilled or sautéed with garlic and chilli. However you would like it prepared you can guarantee it will be exquisite.

Ibizan lobsters have a very specific flavour and texture due to their specific habitat and has earnt them the title “Sabors d’Eivissa” which differentiates them from other lobsters caught elsewhere in the Mediterranean. It is an exquisite taste and should be savoured at least once in a lifetime. And in this seemingly private hideaway between the bays of Porroig and Sa Caixota could there be a better place …


Es Calo

Es Calo offers a magical setting where breathtakingly clear sea and rocks meet to form a small cove; where the water dazzles with a myriad of different colours as it reflects the light and minerals in the rocks.

At Es Calo gastronomy and nature meet for a truly memorable dining experience. The natural flavours of fresh shellfish, freshly caught fish and the best cuts of meat are combined with locally grown vegetables for a menu that cannot fail to impress and their mouth-watering Arroz de Bogavante is no exception. This combined with one of the most stunning views on Formentera will guarantee a dining experience you won’t forget in a hurry.


Can Rafalet

In another fabulous location in Es Calo, Can Rafalet delivers the best of Ibizan food – fish, shell fish, rice dishes and meat are all served with views of La Mola, Formentera and Ibiza ahead of you. At Can Rafalet you can sample either local or Canadian lobster cooked in a variety of ways – as a paella, as a casserole or whole.

Their “spiny lobster casserole” has a reputation all of its own! To avoid disappointment please remember that apart from the paellas all the other lobster dishes MUST be ordered 24 hours ahead. Can Rafalet – delivering top quality food year after year.


Can Rafalet

Be Charter Ibiza Top Tip: Wherever you choose to eat your lobster, if you select a whole one most restaurants will charge by weight. When you are presented with your lobster (and before the restaurant cooks it) make sure your waiter confirms the weight for you so there are no ugly surprises when your bill arrives.




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