Brilliant Snorkelling in Ibiza – Top 6 Locations With Be Charter Ibiza


That wonderful moment when you put your face in the water and discover a magical and mysterious underwater world beneath you. The waters around Ibiza and Formentera are beautifully warm and crystal clear. Ibiza and Formentera are brilliant places to enjoy the fun of snorkelling.

Our top 6 locations are:

Es CalóCala SaonaPunta RasaCap des Falco 

- Cala Moli - Punta Galera


Formentera is one of the best places to snorkel in the Baleariacs because it has a number of natural advantages. Namely there is no plankton in the water which consequently means it remains crystal clear. Another noteworthy factor is the island’s shape protecting it’s beaches when the wind blows from the north!

Cala Saona Formentera

Es Calo

This is a great area for snorkelling and diving. The water here is clean and clear and provides the perfect setting for all sorts of water activities. Due to minerals in the rocks, the water here is an incredible deep blue. Absolutely stunning.

Cala Saona

This beautiful bay, on the western side of the island of Formentera has calm, shallow turquoise waters and is a perfect location for “snorkellers” of all ages. Enjoy swimming with some bread and watch the fish “jump” to attention as you feed them.

Punta Rasa

The caves at Punta Rasa, just round the corner from Cala Saona are very special. They are definitely for the more adventurous “snorkeller” but if you’re up for it you won’t be disappointed. With natural light shining through these caves the water below is so clear and bright you might think you’ve somehow discovered Atlantis. Imagine a swimming pool lit up at night. The caves have lots of chambers that provide strategic “breathing” stops in-between dives so you can fully enjoy their natural beauty. Your Be Charter Ibiza skipper will guide you through.


The warm waters that surround Ibiza attract a myriad of different marine life. Anything from octopus, seahorses, starfish and dolphins can be spotted in this Mediterranean haven.

View this map to see which places to visit in Ibiza.

Cap des Falco / Es Codolar

The beach at Cap des Falco is long and because it’s stony it doesn’t receive many visitors meaning the waters remain calm and are a haven for marine life. The water here is also extra salty due to the beaches proximity to the salt plains giving you extra buoyancy whilst you investigate the world beneath you. At the beginning of the beach there are various small coves which are ideal for swimming. Mornings tend to be spectacular, and sometimes on very calm days, dolphins can be seen a hundred yards from the beach, making it totally idyllic.

Cala Moli

Located south of Ibiza, it is a beach to find tranquility, but also a paradisiacal environment to practice snorkeling. It is a cove surrounded by pine trees and cliffs, with sand on the outside, but its seabed is totally rocky, which is why proper footwear must be worn to enter the water. Its landscape is a beauty and it is one of the beaches of Ibiza less frequented by tourists.

Punta Galera

Its smooth cove rock formations are perhaps the greatest attraction of this beach. In this site you will be able to see the bottom through the sea without even submerging yourself, because its waters are beyond transparent. Snorkeling in it is an experience of another level, and finding a wide variety of marine species is very easy.

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Brilliant Snorkelling in Ibiza – Top 6 Locations With Be Charter Ibiza



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