Ibiza always has so much to offer – beautiful scenery, stunning beaches, hidden coves plus sensational bars and restaurants. Here is a selection of some of Be Charter Ibiza’s favourite places to visit on day charter. Use this Ibiza Beach and Restaurant Guide to get you started and then take a look at our Yacht Routes page for some extra inspiration …. if you need it!

Es Cavallet – Ses Salines – Es Codolar – Sa Caleta – Cala Jondal – Es Torrents


  • Distance: 15 min from Marina Ibiza
  • Size: 1km, white sand beach
  • Restaurants/bars: La Escollera, El Chiringuito, Chiringay

Es Cavallet is a lovely white sand beach. It is situated on the eastern side of Ibiza, with splendid views of the rocks, the Torre de Ses Portes and Formentera in the background. These views make it a great place to spend the day, especially when the wind blows from the west as the water tends to be calmer here.

There are three outstanding restaurants on this beach: El Chiringuito, a modern beach club with all conveniences, La Escollera and Chiringay.

The only disadvantage to this beach is that because it is situated between the port and Formentera there can sometimes be considerable maritime traffic, creating waves which consequently bring algae and seaweed to the shore.

La Escollera

Being seated on the terrace with the crystal clear sea at your feet and some superb views of Formentera ahead of you, are what await if you decide to eat at La Escollera.

The big dishes will make your lunch a moment to remember. Don’t hesitate to ask for the house specialities – the rice dishes and fresh fish are to die for.

Dinghy service – No

Tel. 971 39 65 72 www.laescolleraibiza.com

El Chiringuito

A point of reference among the restaurants on the island, El Chiringuito ia an excellent beach club with a high standard of food. Its healthy and balanced dishes, together with its location, make it a special place to spend your day without having to worry about a thing.

Dinghy service – Yes

Tel. 971 39 53 55 / 971 39 54 85 www.elchiringuitoibiza.com


For many years, the most renowned gay beach in the southern part of Ibiza has been Es Cavallet. The Chiringay is a restaurant where you can eat fish served with the finest rice and a large variety of drinks, juices and refreshments to help you face the summer heat.

Dinghy service – No

Tel. 971 187 429 www.chiringay.com


  • Distance from Marina Ibiza: 20 min by motorboat
  • Size: 1km, white sand and crystal water
  • Activities: sailing club, paddle surf rental, catamaran, kayaking.
  • Conveniences: sun beds and umbrellas for hire, supermarket, lifeguard
  • Restaurants: Guaraná, Malibú, Jockey Club, Sa Trinxa

Ses Salines was declared a Natural Park in 1995 due to its extraordinary ecosystem characterised by a richness of fauna and flora.

The legendary Salines beach is one of the reference points for anyone who decides to travel to Ibiza. Its historical salt bridge – where the Salines boats have been picking up their merchandise – were here long before any of the current beach clubs or restaurants

With the island of Formentera in front of you and its clear blue water, this beach is the best place to drop anchor and enjoy all the activities it has to offer.

d a series of small coves to give you a bit of privacy away from the crowds.The easterly winds which blow on the Ibiza throughout most of the summer means this bay remain completely tranquil, ensuring that anchoring is easy and your stay on board is comfortable. Near this beach you can also fin


Located inside the Ses Salines Natural Park, the Guarana restaurant offers a pleasant day surrounded by nature. The charming restaurant offers a varied selection of Mediterranean dishes, a wide assortment of fresh salads for starters and local specialties for even the most demanding palates. Don’t let the opportunity of enjoying this unique sea-side location within the park get away.

Dinghy service – Yes

Tel. (+34)971 395 444 www.guarana-salinas.com


Malibú beach club is an emblematic establishment bathed by the crystal water and located right in the centre of the natural park. It is a compulsory reference point for summer on the island. Food-savvy meet colourful characters making this place a joyous and picturesque location.

Mediterranean cuisine with delicious local dishes, if Malibú is your place of choice, do not forget to try its specialty, ‘la Caldereta de Langosta’ (lobster stew).

Dinghy service – Yes

Tel. + 34 971 396 580 www.ibizamalibu.es

The Jockey Club

Jockey club is probably one of the most fashionable restaurants / beach clubs at the moment at Ses Salines beach. With a modern, ample and varied menu – using only the freshest ingredients, you can eat, relax and enjoy listening to some great Summer Sounds. There is also a “Fruit Bar” where all types of fruit juices are made “on the spot” to refresh your on a hot day.

As The Jockey Club tells you: This is the place!

Dinghy service – Yes

Tel. +34 971 395 788 www.jockeyclubibiza.com

Sa Trinxa

Music, Mediterranean food, sandwiches and the best atmosphere at dusk, make Sa Trinxa a great place to go and grab a cocktail while waiting for the small beach bar to turn into a big dance floor.

Dinghy service – No

Tel. + 34 670 368 019 www.satrinxa.com


  • Distance from Marina Ibiza: 25 min by motorboat
  • Size: 1.2 km shingle beach
  • Restaurants: Experimental beach

Can be a real blessing when all the other beaches are packed with people.The Es Codolar beach, would not necessarily be your top choice for a lazy day at the beach due to the shingle. But, for that very reason it is less frequented by bathers throughout the summer and during high season this

With an easterly wind coming in, the beach is perfect because the sea remains completely still making it the ideal place for practising water sports such as paddle boarding.

Experimental Beach

Experimental Beach Ibiza is a modern beach club. Here you can find both Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, with some Asian influences to surprise you. With its Bali beds and cocktails, it is just the right place to stay and watch the b

est sunsets on the island, with a view of the small island of Es Vedrá ahead.

Dinghy service – No

Tel. +34 664 331 269 www.eccbeach.com


  • Distance from Marina Ibiza: 30 min by motorboat
  • Size: 300m of reddish sand
  • Restaurants: Sa Caleta

Sa Caleta is a stunning small cove which is situated just a little further on from El Codolar. It is a great family beach with calm waters and rock pools ideal for younger crew members to investigate. There are also some good snorkelling opportunities for adults too!

Sa Caleta Restaurant

On top of the beach is where you will find the famous Sa Caleta restaurant. Known for its rice dishes and fabulous fresh fish it is a totally authentic restaurant serving the best of Ibizan cuisine. The views of the small cove with Formentera in front of you make the terrace of this restaurant the ideal place to enjoy your time with your friends. If you like coffee, don’t miss the opportunity to try out the house specialty, the Caleta coffee.

Dinghy service– No

Tel. +34 971 187 095 www.restaurantesacaleta.com


  • Distance from Marina Ibiza: 35-40 min by motorboat.
  • Size: 225m
  • Services: sun beds and umbrellas, showers, masseuses, lifeguard and easy access for disabled people
  • Activities: Pedalos
  • Restaurants: Yemanja, Blue Marlin, Tropicana, Es Xarcu

Cala Jondal is a beautiful beach surrounded by pines and cliffs and is very visited popular with the jet set and fashion conscious. It is a shingle beach but has walkways to the water giving you easy access to the crystal clear sea.

At the moment this is one of the most popular beaches in Ibiza.


With over 20 years of experience, Yemanjá is one of the reference points for restaurants in Cala Jondal, situated right next to the famous Blue Marlin. Yemanjá is a in a quieter corner so you can relax and enjoy the astonishing views and the luxurious yachts anchored around the Cala.

The house specialties are their famous rice dishes. As far as drinks go, the sangria they serve is outstanding prepared with dry cava and fresh fruit. Fabulously refreshing during those hot summer days.

Dinghy service- Yes.

Tel. 971 187 481 www.yemanjaibiza.com

Blue Marlin

Without doubt one of the most fashionable beach clubs, the Blue Marlin offers breakfast and snacks on the beach during the day. Swimming in the clear water, sunbathing in its hammocks and Bali beds, enjoying a massage or simply relaxing in a high quality ambience are what make this place so special. As the day goes on and the sun goes down, the bar becomes packed with people and the atmosphere increases little by little, and mojitos, daiquiris and other cocktails become the protagonists of the night.

Its restaurant offers sophisticated dishes from Mediterranean cuisine with oriental touches, all elaborated by their chef, Christian Dintl.

The good music, great atmosphere and delicious food make this location the perfect one for spending the day.

Dinghy service – yes

Tel. +34 971 410 117 www.bluemarlinibiza.com


Completely on the beach and with views of Cala Jondal is where you can find this incredible beach club with an outstanding menu. From the typical Iberian and sea-food dishes to Mediterranean and international cuisine, this restaurant has what it takes to satisfy all tastes.

If what you want is to spend the entire day on-board your vessel, no need to worry – the Tropicana’s zodiac boat will bring you everything you need, without having to put a single foot on the ground.

Dinghy service – yes

Tel. +34 971 802 640 www.tropicanaibiza.com

Es Xarcu

A cove with ideal conditions for anchoring, the terraces of the restaurant are literally on the sea. During the daytime as well as during the night, it is something out of the ordinary and enchanting.

In Es Xarcu you can enjoy the island’s authentic fresh fish meals including grouper fish, scorpion fish, four-spot megrims, etc., all of which are baked in the oven in the traditional way, and cooked with a special touch which makes them unique.

Don’t miss the chance to eat in one of the best and most typical restaurants of the island.

Dinghy service- yes

Tel. +34 971 187 867 www.esxarcu.com


Es Torrents is one of those tiny coves that only “people in the know” really visit. Not that easy to find by road between the bays of Porroig and Sa Caixota it’s rocky beach offers a day of tranquility. There’s even a “pop-up” shop on the beach just in case you’re in need of adding a little something to your wardrobe…

Es Torrent

You’ll find it hard to beat a better selection of fresh fish dishes anywhere else on Ibiza island from this family run, world class fish restaurant. There’s pretty much everything you can have every dreamed of on this fabulously fishy and mouthwateringly delicious menu.

24 hours prior to arrival you will be requested to confirm what “main dishes” you would like to ensure you are served only the best, fresh fish.

Dinghy service – yes

Tel. 971 80 21 60 www.estorrent.net





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