Formentera Best Beaches

Arriving to Formentera by yacht charter from Ibiza is like discovering a new world – life seems calmer, the pace a little slower. The beaches white sand and the water turquoise and warm. This Caribbean-like water gently laps the beaches on the north shores while the southern coastline is more dramatic and equally as beautiful. Here are some of Be Charter Ibiza’s favourite beaches on Formentera.

Espalmador – Ses Illetes – Cala Saona – Mitgjorn – Es Calo – Es Pujols

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  • Distance from Marina Ibiza: 30 min by motorboat
  • Size: 1km of fine white sand
  • Activities: Paddle surf, snorkeling



Espalmador is a private island which can be found in the north of the island of Formentera. The name of the beach is "Playa de S'Alga". It is not easily accessible except for a cove in the north-east and one in the south. This is the perfect place to drop anchor and enjoy the crystal clear warm water and white sand. Always taking care not to anchor on the posidonia.

The south cove also features Es Trocadors Walkway – a sandpit that connects Espalmador to Formentera itself. But you have to be sure when you cross that you have low tide and there are not many currents. Therefore, we advise you to visit the island by boat.

It's an empty island, where the only thing you have is fresh air and a full of biological wealth. In the middle of the island there is Bassa de s'Espalmador, the lagoon to take mud baths, but nowaday is prohibited because, in addition to putting in risk the fauna of the area, it is a dangerous practice for visitors as it is stagnant waters.

The conservation of this island is highly important. Its great beauty is respected by all and you are not allowed to go up on the dunes which cover the vast majority of the island. Enjoy everything it has to offer and then leave it the way nature intended.


  • Distance: 40 min by motorboat
  • Activities: Paddle surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling
  • Amenities: Sunbeds and umbrellas, lifeguards and restaurants
  • Restaurants: Juan y Andrea, El Pirata, Es Molí de Sal, El Tiburón, Beso Beach.


Ses Illetes

“Endless sea, fine sand, spectacular views, yachts, fancy stalls, Ibiza on the horizon.” Trip Advisor 2021

Last year Trip Advisor named Playa Illetes beach on Formentera the No 3 BEST BEACH in Europe. During the past years was the No1.

Ses Illetes is the beach closest to Ibiza if your destination is Formentera. It can be busy on high season but it is also one of the prettiest on the island. The clear calm water, white sand and great variety of restaurants and beach clubs won’t disappoint and make Illetes an ideal place to spend the day onboard one of our boats.

The evenings never go unnoticed. The beach is oriented almost completely towards the west, and therefore the sunsets are another attraction for this beach. Whether you watch it from your boat or the beach it’s good to have a “sundowner” in hand while listening to the music of the restaurants playing in the background.

Check out our Formentera yacht route Espalmador - Ses Illetes


  • Distance: 45 min by motorboat
  • Activities: Paddle surfing, snorkeling
  • Amenities: Sunbeds and umbrellas, lifeguards and restaurants
  • Restaurants: Sol, Chacala and Hotel Cala Saona


    Cala Saona

    Cala Saona situated on west coast is one of the most beaches with stunning sunset views. Also it's beautiful and the only relatively large cove on the island. Despite, the hotel and some restaurants nearby, Cala Saona is very calm, with white sand and crystal water perfect for snorkeling.

    Cala Saona is also a perfect spot to anchor the boat as is really calm place for the boat and we should recommend you to visit the Punta Rasa Caves, only can access by boat. 


  • Distance: 1.15h by motorboat
  • Activities: Paddle surfing, kayaking, windsurfing
  • Amenities: Sunbeds and umbrellas, lifeguards and restaurants
  • Restaurants: Es Codol Foradat, Casa Pacha, Blue bar, Kiosko 62



    Beach of Migjorn is the longest beach on the island. It encapsulates the entire south of the island and is accessed via a series of cool wooden footpaths beginning in different locations and from different beach bars or via boat of course, one of the most popular options!

    5. ES CALÓ

  • Distance: 45 min by motorboat
  • Activities: Paddle surfing, snorkeling
  • Amenities: Restaurants
  • Restaurants: Es Caló


    Es Caló - Sa Cala de sa Pujada

    Ses Platgetes des Caló are some of the most amazing beaches and coves in Formentera. Are small beaches with white sand, crystal water and few people. They are in the east part of Formentera.

    Also, nice place to go by boat, as there are few boat there. The place on the picture, you only can access by boat, it's just next to Es Caló.

    Check out our Formentera yacht route Es Caló

    6. ES PUJOLS

  • Distance: 35 min by motorboat
  • Activities: Paddle surfing
  • Amenities: Sunbeds, umbrellas and restaurants
  • Restaurants: Chezz Gerdi, Fandango


    Punta Prima

    Es Pujols is a nice option with a great variety of facilities like restaurants, sunbeds and places to for party. It's a really nice beach and also with crystal water, but is a bigger beach and with more people in compare with others as it's in front of the small town.

    It's an incredible place to go by sea as you can go to the restaurants with their service. Or just can stay on board enjoying the day. Next to Es Pujols you can go to Punta Prima is a place you only can access by stairs or by boat.




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