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Formentera Beach and Restaurant Guide

Arriving to Formentera by yacht charter from Ibiza is like discovering a new world – life seems calmer, the pace a little slower.  The beaches white sand and the water turquoise and warm.  This Caribbean-like water gently laps the beaches on the north shores while the southern coastline is more dramatic and equally as beautiful. Here are some of Be Charter Ibiza’s favourite beaches and restaurants on Formentera.  Take a look at our Yacht Routes page for further inspiration.

Espalmador – Ses Illetes – Cala Saona – Mitgjorn – Es Calo – Es Pujols


Distance from Marina Ibiza: 25 min by motorboat
Size: 1km of fine white sand
Attractions: mud lagoon

Espalmador is a private island which can be found in the north of the island of Formentera. It is not easily accessible except for a cove in the north-east and one in the south. This is the perfect place to drop anchor and enjoy the crystal clear warm water and white sand.

The south cove also features Es Trocadors Walkway – a sandpit that connects Espalmador to Formentera itself.

Others like to come to enjoy the muddy lagoon. Let it dry and then wash it off in the beautiful waters to leave your skin feeling healthier and softer.

The conservation of this island is highly important.  Its great beauty is respected by all and you are not allowed to go up on the dunes which cover the vast majority of the island. Enjoy everything it has to offer and then leave it the way nature intended.



Distance: 25- 30 min by motorboat
Activities: Catamaran, paddle surfing, kayaking, windsurfing
Amenities: sunbeds and umbrellas, lifeguards
Restaurants: Juan y Andrea, El Pirata, Es Molí de Sal, El Tiburón, Beso Beach.

Ses Illetes is the beach closest to Ibiza if your destination is Formentera. It can be busy but it is also one of the prettiest on the island. The clear calm water, white sand and great variety of restaurants and beach clubs won’t disappoint and make Illetes an ideal place to spend the day onboard one of our boats.

The evenings never go unnoticed.  The beach is 0riented almost completely towards the west, and therefore the sunsets are another attraction for this beach. Whether you watch it from your boat or the beach it’s good to have a “sundowner”  in hand while listening to the music of the restaurants playing in the background.


Juan y Andrea

One of the most famous restaurants on the island of Formentera, Juan y Andrea has more history than you can imagine.  It all started in 1972 when Juan, a fisherman from Formentera, fell in love with Andrea.  What started as a small beach bar has now transformed into a world renowned beach restaurant serving some of the best fresh fish on the island.

The location of the restaurant couldn’t be better than this, between the dunes and with incredible views of the blue green waters of Illetas. The tables are decorated in pure white and the service is irreproachable, making this restaurant a beautiful place to spend your boat rental day in Formentera.

Dinghy service– Yes

Tel. 971 187 130 / 630 258 144


El Pirata

A family restaurant situated at the end of the Illetas beach in a privileged corner with views of the whole bay. It serves typical island dishes, fresh fish, lobster, paellas, salads and much more, allowing you to savour the authentic Mediterranean taste.

Dinghy service– Yes

Tel. 971 324 064


El Tiburón

Good ambience and tasty food are the main characteristics of this fun beach restaurant. The salads, meat and wide range of starters are what makes El Tiburón worth going to. When the sun starts to set, the live music and the cocktails fill the tables of the restaurant with colour.

Dinghy service- yes

Tel. (+34) 659 638 945


Beso Beach

Beso Beach is the relative newcomer on Illetes beach, but has already made it’s mark. In this Mediterranean beach environment, you can eat and feel the sand at your feet, surrounded by nature and good vibes. Hidden away from the crowds, you can immerse yourself in food heaven. The menu comprises a variety of dishes, from the most delicious starters to the paellas and tasty rice dishes to a T-bone steak which practically melts in your mouth.

The calm of the lunch atmosphere gradually disappears as the evening comes, and starting from around 5 pm the music volume starts to rise and the first mojitos fill the tables. It doesn’t take long for this calm restaurant to become a fun, lively bar and you can’t go to Beso Beach and not try the best strawberry mojito on the entire island! If you choose to spend your boat rental day on Formentera, Beso Beach has it all.
Dinghy service- yes

Tel. 971 324 572 / 622 222 113


Es Molí de Sal

An old mill which used to belong to the salt industry of Formentera has been reformed into a restaurant offering a delicious menu in privileged surroundings. Situated on top of a small rock, with access by a pontoon bridge it easy to get too, and their is also a dinghy service if you prefer. Don’t hesitate to try the house specialty, the lobster stew.

Dinghy service- yes

Tel. 971 18 74 91


Check our Yacht Routes page for more inspiration


Distance: 30-35 min by motorboat
Activities: pedalos
Amenities: sun beds and umbrellas

On the western side of the island of Formentera lies this incredible location with turquoise waters and a small beach. Cala Saona is the perfect place to anchor your boat and enjoy the precious views of the cliffs which surround the island. Depending on the boat you have chosen, you can get closer to these cliffs and in some boats go all the way under the cliffs and investigate the caves beyond. There are some fantastic diving opportunities in the caves themselves.



This laid back, easy going restaurant is perfectly located right on the beach. Delicious Mediterranean food served in the most relaxed of atmosphere’s this is a great choice if you’re a group or a family with kids.

Tel: 971 187 591


Hotel Cala Saona

With its wonderful views of the beach, the Cala Saona Restaurant is the ideal place to be seduced by a combination of tradition and modernity with a menu created by chef Fernando Pérez. Using market produce and following the “Km0 sustainable cuisine” ethos he creates dishes guaranteed to make your mouth water, whether it be lamb from Formentera cooked at a low temperature, or lobster, served traditionally with potatoes and fried eggs …

Tel: 971 322030 (ext 1502)



Distance: 1 hour by motorboat
Activities: Catamaran, paddle surfing, kayaking.
Amenities: Sun beds and umbrellas, lifeguard
Various cafes / bars

Located the furthest south from Ibiza on Formentera, Mitjorn is one of the least frequented by rental boats because of the distance between it and the port of Marina Ibiza. It is more exposed to the elements sometimes making anchoring more difficult than the rest of the beaches in Formentera.  This too has its advantages (!) as it is much less frequented and therefore offers the chance to disconnect far away from the multitude of boats often found in other places.



Distance: 45min by motorboat
Activities: Catamaran, paddle surfing, kayaking.
Amenities: Sun beds and umbrellas

Without a doubt one of the most beautiful views on the Island of Formentera. Giant cliffs and completely see-through waters surround the corner in which Es Caló de Sant Agusti is situated. It is an ideal location for those days when the wind blows from the south-west, because the beach is oriented east and as a result is shielded from those winds, leaving the sea perfectly still and easy to drop anchor with a maximum degree of comfort.

Two restaurants can be found in the tiny village of San Agustí, with views to the cove and the eastern shore of Formentera, making it a perfect place to get lost during the whole day.


Es Caló

Fish, meat and garden fresh vegetables of the highest quality are what awaits you at this stunning location. Food here is prepared with passion combining an unforgettable mixture of flavors, aromas, textures and sensations.

All of this in a unique setting just a few meters from the sea.

Tel: 971 32 73 11


Can Rafalet

In another fabulous location the Restaurant Can Rafalet delivers the best of Ibizan food – fish, shell fish, rice dishes and meat are all served with views of La Mola, Formentera and Ibiza ahead of you. A day spent here will be unforgettable.

Tel: 971 32 70 77