Do you have any questions?

1. How do I chose a boat to rent?

Think about how many people your group will be, what you would like to do on the charter and how much time you will need. Match the boat to your budget and don’t forget to include fuel consumption. We put an expected daily fuel cost on each boat page. A motor yacht will get you further, but a sailing boat might bring a more peaceful experience.

2. How do I book?

If you know which boat you want, you can book via its page and put down your 50% deposit. As well as via the boat pages, bookings can be made through our website contact page, or you can contact us. Try to give us as much information as possible, including dates, budget, the boat(s) you’re interested in chartering, number of passengers and anything else you think is important. To confirm the booking we need all of your details including your name, address, contact number, email and ID number or passport.

3. What is included in the price?

Each boat is different, so check the individual pages for full details, but every boat charter will normally include: Skipper, Drinks (Water, beers and soft drinks), Snacks, Towels, Cleaning, Snorkelling Equipment, Paddle board, Bluetooth music connection and Insurance. The following are not included and will depend on your individual boat charter: Fuel, Extra or special drinks, Water toys and Catering. Please contact us with any special requests or requirements when you book.

4. How far in advance should I book my boat charter?

Book as early as possible to ensure you can charter the boat you want. Remember, there are often discounts to be had if you book far enough in advance.

5. How do i pay?

We take a 50% deposit by bank transfer or Stripe when you book. The remaining 50%, along with fuel and any extras, is paid in cash or by card on the day of your charter.

6. When does my day start and how long does it last?

A day charter lasts 8 hours. We recommend you start around 11am, but it’s up to you!

7. Where does my day start?

You can start (and finish) your day at Marina Ibiza or Marina Botafoch.

8. The boat we like is too small for our group, what can we do?

A tandem rental adds a second boat with space for up to 7 additional passengers. The boats stay together throughout the day, and this gives you added flexibility as well as extra space.

9. Can you pick me up somewhere else?

Each boat has a mooring in an Ibiza port, and this is the base with all legal and insurance cover. We can potentially pick up and drop off in another location, but this depends on the viability and safety of the place, extra fuel costs and the route. Please contact us to discuss your options.

10. Can we pick people up during the day?

This depends on the viability of their location, as well as the extra fuel costs and the route.

11. Will we have unlimited drinks on the boat?

No, but you will have enough drinks to cover a normal day on the boat, with around 2 cans per person and drinks including mineral water, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Aquarius, beer and one bottle of Cava. Contact us in advance and we can cater for your preferences and fill your order for additional or specialist drinks. You can also bring your own drinks.

12. Can I change my booking?

Yes, as long as you contact us at least 7 days in advance and the new date and/or boat are available.

13. Can I upgrade my boat?

Yes, as long as the new boat is available and you pay the difference.

14. Can I add more people?

Yes, but only up to the capacity of the boat.

15. Can I bring children?

Safety is the most important thing on our boats. Contact us and let us know how many children are coming and we can arrange life vests for them. Please make sure everyone pays attention to the skipper’s safety instructions when you get on board.

16. Can I have a special event on board?

Yes, of course. We specialise in arranging events on board and at different venues across Ibiza and Formentera. To discuss your special event please contact us.

17. Can we go to Mallorca?

Mallorca is too far away for a day charter, but if you have the boat for a few days or a week and conditions are suitable then it should be possible.

18. Can I skipper the boat myself?

Most boats come with a skipper, and we strongly recommend this because our skippers know the area perfectly, can take you to amazing places and advise you on the weather.

19. Can I bring my own skipper?

No. Our skippers have all the required licenses and we know their levels of experience.

20. Can I have more crew?

Yes, depending on the capacity of the boat and the cost of the extra crew.

21. Can I sleep on board?

Yes, it will depend on the type of boat chartered (normally 14m is a minimum length), the number of passengers who wish to stay overnight and any additional costs. You will normally need to pay 30% of the total cost in advance (as a deposit), called the APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance). This covers fuel, food, moorings and other extra costs. At the end of the trip you pay the difference or receive a refund.

22. What happens if the weather is bad or I need to cancel?

This is very rare in the Ibiza summer, but if it is not possible to go out we will do our best to change your charter to another day or give you a refund.

23. Are you insured?

Yes, all of our boats have the necessary insurance for all passengers and crew.

24. At what point should the extras be paid?

Depending on the extras hired, some can be paid along with the reservation like water toys (sea bobs, jet skis, fly board etc) and others (extra drinks etc) can be paid before boarding.

25. What documentation do I need to rent a boat?

To confirm the booking we need all of your details including your name, address, contact number, email and ID number or passport. These details will be included to the charter contract.