Es Vedra Magic Ibiza: Be Charter Ibiza Top Motor Yacht Route

Where to go if Magic, Mystery and Myths intrigue you? Ibiza is waiting for you. One of Be Charter Ibiza’s most popular Motor Yacht Routes is a trip to experience the wonder and magic of Es Vedra. Come and discover Es Vedra and Atlantis for yourself


Es Vedra is a mysterious and beautiful limestone rock. Almost 400 metres in height it is located off the Southwest coast of Ibiza. Many consider it to have positive healing powers and inspire creative energy.

The early Phoenicians (654BC) believed Ibiza to be a magic isle. That is was blessed by the Gods because of its rich, red non volcanic soil and there was no obvious sign of threatening creatures or poisonous plants. Even today some people wear amulets and pendants containing this sacred Ibizan soil to protect them from harm.

The Carmelite priest Don Francisco Palau meticulously recorded mystical revelations. He reported meetings with ‘unearthly beings surrounded by light’ while meditating on Es Vedra. People will tell you that gigantic circles of light have been seen – up to 50 metres in diameter – emerging from the sea …

Nostradamus & Magnetism

Nostradamus even put Ibiza on the map in the 15th century predicting that Ibiza will be Earth’s final refuge.” It has often been claimed as the 3rd most magnetic place on earth. This has not been proven but there’s no denying that something about the island seems to send compasses awry. Homing pigeons have often been known to get lost near the island….

Whatever you believe in it is impossible not to be lured by Es Vedra’s magic.

Come and discover it with Be Charter Ibiza


Officially known as Sa Pedrera de Cala d’Hort this is a centuries old quarry just round the corner from Es Vedra. The rock from here was used to build watch towers, homes and part of the Dalt Vila (Ibiza Town) walls in the 16th century. Legends also report the stone being used by the Egyptians to build the pyramids. Today what awaits you is a labyrinth of fascinating and unusual rock formations, caves and sea pools.

If it’s a calm day your Be Charter Ibiza motor yacht will come close to shore and you can swim to Atlantis and discover this extraordinary place yourself.

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Es Vedra Magic Ibiza: Be Charter Ibiza Top Motor Yacht Route