From Be Charter Ibiza, we want to take care of our Island. That’s why we want to offer our services according to a clean and well cared for beautiful Ibiza. And above all to promote sustainable and responsible charter.

We are conscious of the impact that nautical activity has on the environment, for us to go sailing is not only a job due to the type of company we are, it is an incredible pleasure thats why our team is people who are super committed to the environment and sustainability.

We want to contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the nautical charter sector. Both at the customer and company level.

Here we mention some of the actions that we carry out either in the day-to-day charter, or in the maintenance and management of our fleet.

A responsible anchoring practice is essential, since it has a huge impact on the marine ecosystem and it is under our responsibility to make the best possible use of our boats and carry out the best practices, affecting our environment to the minimum and being able to continue enjoying our precious ocean.

In the Mediterranean it is very important to take care not to anchor on the posidonia. It’s an aquatic seagrass that has a crucial role in the marine ecosystem. Its function is to protect the coastline from erosion and keep the crystal clear waters that we all love. It's a biodiversity reserve where many species of animals and plants live, thus the anchoring has to be always on sand and the chain of the anchor needs to be far from the posidonia meadows.

Another good practice to be as much responsible for the sea as possible is to use drinks with sustainable packaging to take care of the residuous generation.

We know that during the charter day it is common to generate a great quantity of residuous, so that is why it is super important to have a bin or bags to store the garbage until we arrive at port, and then put it in the different containers depending on the materials. We use different bags to make it easier once we arrive at port. In all of our boats we also have ashers to keep all the cigarettes far away from the sea.

We can also avoid the generation of great amounts of trash by not using single-use plastics and always use biodegradable or reusable products. We always try to offer drinks that use non-plastic packaging as our water NEA.

In terms of cleaning and boat maintenance we use products from La Alternativa Eco, based in Ibiza, they use ecological and environment friendly products.

Any initiative always helps. That is why every Sunday we will try to do a beach clean up in different places of the island. We encourage everyone to go somewhere near their houses or simply meanwhile you go for a walk to pick up as much garbage as you can. Any action for small that it seems it’s always welcome

The final idea is, not to always go one step behind the garbage and only pick up garbage all day, it is to be aware of our actions and not to litter wherever we go. There is no planet B.